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"...was out at Recreation on Friday to fix their clip art problem. He fixed it in 5 minutes! This is something that no one has been able to solve for one and a half years! They tell me they want to have his babies. (I know this is not politically correct, but very funny!) Thanks to you and Tom!"

Sound troubleshooting technique and an understanding of the inner workings of computers is the benchmark of a good computer repair technician.

PC2 Solutions repairs and supports all major platforms, as well as all custom built personal computers and Apple Mac desktops. Our skills allow us to quickly determine the source of the problem and provide either a hardware or software repair that fits.

We have developed vendor supply chains that allow us to
provide repair parts to our "
Loyal Client Advantage" participants at a price that will definitely ease the pain of any problem that may occur. Repairs can be completed onsite or at our facility.

In the network environments that we manage, we help to create a workstation independent environment that keeps your people working even when their desktop computers do not.

Need a replacement for that critical desktop, server or network component? We provide spare units to our "Loyal Client Advantage" clients – free of charge.

Computer running a bit sluggish? Often times in today’s world, Spyware and Adware can bog a computer down to a crawl. Let our technician walk you through some simple checks and he will let you know if a visit is warranted. If an upgrade is needed, we can locate quality parts for less than you will pay anywhere else.

Computer Repair Support:

     Helpdesk Telephone Support
     Technician Answers your Call
     Quick, Correct Problem Resolutions
     Reasonable Repair Rates
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