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"...late in the evening, we suffered a network wide computer virus outbreak. Tom was instrumental in assessing the situation, quickly formulating a virus containment/eradication plan. After working until 3 am to insure that the virus had been cleared from all of our servers and workstations at our main office, Tom arrived at 7am to ensure that the virus had not infected any workstations at two of our remote sites..."

PC2 Solutions’ partners and personnel have developed considerable expertise in building, managing and repairing computers and computer networks. We have an extensive, diverse skill set that has matured over two decades of rigorous training, certification and experience.

Grounded in enterprise networks, our key personnel have installed and maintained hundreds of desktops, software applications, servers and network components.

We understand your concerns for obtaining the maximum performance from your computer network budget. With our research capabilities and rich experience, we can provide you with the knowledge to achieve the best value possible in obtaining seamless systems installations and upgrades.

We are dedicated to building a rock-solid computer network environment for your business or organization.

Our customers and clients are comprised of companies and organizations that include:

     Printing Services
     Financial Services
     Health Services
     Local Government
     Custom Machining
     Mechanical Engineering and Construction
     Retail Shops
     Sales Organizations
     Sports Apparel Manufacturing

"The secret of being a successful computer systems engineer is not in having all the answers…but rather, in having the skills to find the most effective, working answer."

- Anonymous
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