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"The founder of PC2 Solutions mastered the course work and passed all six of the exams for the MCSE Windows 2000 track in fourteen days..."

"There is no replacement for getting educated so that you understand the products you are working with. Then you will be able to develop sound techique and gain valuable experience..."


Pronunciation: kmp-tn-s
Function: Noun

1. The quality or state of being mentally competent
2. The quality or state of being legally qualified or adequate
3. Ability: an ability to do something, especially measured
    against a standard
4. Same as competence

 While certifications are no substitute for sound research, preparation, and proper experience, they do serve as a benchmark to insure that training has been properly obtained and understood.

PC2 Solutions supports the major certifications for our partners and personnel. In order to earn one of the major credential sets, it is required that the trainee master the course material and pass somewhere between two to seven exams.

PC2 Solutions' technicians and their strategic partners, have demonstrated their mastery by completing the course work and passing the exams for the major industry certifications. In addition, our techs often hold more than one certification.

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